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Marquette Interchange Reconstruction and Getting to the BC

From the North:
Take I-43 South to Hwy. 145 East, which (I believe) should be labelled "McKinley / Fond du Lac Avenue". The ramp no longer goes across the Milwaukee River to the East Side, but instead ends at 6th Street. Turn right at the exit on 6th Street, then turn left onto Juneau Avenue. Go down two blocks to Fourth Street and turn right; The Bradley Center will be on your right by the first stoplight (Highland Avenue).

Another route would be to take I-43 South to the North Avenue exit (73C). Instead of going left or right on North Avenue, head Southeast across the freeway and down Halyard Street to 6th Street. Go eight blocks South to Juneau Avenue. If you want to park in the Bradley Center parking structure, head South to Kilbourn, turn left, go down to 4th Street under the Midwest Airlines Center underpass, turn left, turn left again onto Kilbourn, then right on 6th back up to the entrance to the ramp North of State. Otherwise, take a left on Juneau, then a right on 4th Street. The BC will be on your right.

From the South:
Take I-94 West to I-43 North to the Marquette Interchange (where I-94 heads West, I-43 heads North and I-794 heads toward the lakefront). Take the 10th Street exit, and head If you wish to park at the Civic Center ramp (which is about three very cold blocks from the BC in the middle of winter), turn in there. Else, when you get to the end of the tunnel, turn left at the second set of stoplights on 4th Street. The BC will be on your left. If you want to park in the Bradley Center parking structure West of the BC, turn left on 6th (the first stoplight before the Midwest Airlines Center underpass) and go down a block. It's the structure on the right after the Milwaukee Theatre.

From the West:
Best approach is I-94 East on the East-West Freeway, then take the first exit of I-794 (Lovell Street/Civic Center) and head north on James Lovell Boulevard (also known as 7th Street) until you get to Wells. Turn right on Kilbourn, go down to Fourth Street and turn left. The Bradley Center will be two blocks ahead on your left. If you want to park in the Civic Center lot, stay on Lovell. Now that Wells Street is open between 6th and 4th, you can use it to cut over to 4th street. There's also a parking lot available off of the north side of Wells across from the Midwest Airlines Center, accessible both from Kilbourn and Wells - but it's expensive.

From the East:
What, you're coming by way of Lake Michigan? Sheesh. Okay, for you lower-East-side people who try to ignore downtown Milwaukee - Take State Street west until you see this big building with octagons in their sides. That's the Bradley Center.

From the Lake Express:
For those of you coming over from Muskegon (though the ferry will not be in regular operation during most of the Admirals' season): Turn left on to Lincoln Memorial Drive, then another left onto Carferry Drive. The ramp on to 794 West is right there; when you get onto the Hoan Bridge, look for the first exit to the left (Milwaukee Street). At the end of the ramp, you'll be facing North as you cross Clybourn Street. Go North on Milwaukee for six blocks until you get to State Street, then turn left. Take State across the river; the BC will be on your right. You can turn on Fourth to go to the Highland ramp, or turn on Sixth to go to the BC ramp.


  • The MATC/Bradley Center Ramp (just west of the BC)
  • The Highland Avenue Ramp (NE corner of 4th and Highland; P on the Map)
  • The Hyatt-Regency/Federal Plaza Ramp (SE corner of 4th and Kilbourn, U on the Map)
  • The Civic Center/McArthur Square Parking Structure (N on the Map)
  • Marcus Center Parking Structure (NE corner of State and Water)
  • The Grand Avenue Parking Structure (K on the map; connected by skywalk system)
  • Surface parking (NE corner of Juneau and Water; watch where you park though - some lots are private parking)
Your best bet for parking, if you want to be close, is the MATC/Bradley Center Ramp, or the Highland Avenue Ramp. You can also park in the lot off the Civic Center exit off I-43, but it might be a little bit of a cold walk over to the BC, and that's not what you're looking for.

I have to put a plug in for Lloyd's Parking, which operates off of Highland between the Highland Ramp and the Have A Nice Day Cafe. He's usually cheap, it's a lot easier to get out of his lot than the Highland Ramp, and he's a nice guy, too. His lot does fill up quickly, though.

There are two other lots, one on each side of the Historic Turner Restaurant (Q on the Map), but both are usually filled early. The one on the corner of 4th and State is also usually reserved for Journal Sentinel employees.

The skywalks from the Midwest Airlines Wisconsin Center to the Grand Avenue Mall go through the Reuss Federal Plaza. The skywalk does NOT connect the Midwest Airlines Center to the Bradley Center (the skywalk ends on the corner of 4th and Kilbourn), so you have to "get off the skywalk" at the Hyatt Regency's main lobby. The Hyatt/Federal Ramp might be a bit closer (and tends to be cheaper), but the advantage with the Grand Avenue is their "Park All Day" specials that they have. That gets cancelled out, though, when you realize the Grand Avenue closes at 7:00 pm on weekdays, 6:00 pm on Saturday and 5:00 on Sunday. There is also the problem of going through the Federal Building (there are now metal detectors and guards at both entrances to the skywalk, 24/7).

There used to be several parking lots under the Park Freeway, but most have been closed due its demolition. There are the lots over on North Water Street, if you're looking to hit the bars afterwards; some of these are private lots, so watch where you park. The Marcus Center structure is accesible by the pedestrian bridge over the Milwaukee River at Highland - which can be a rather chilly walk in mid-winter.


NOTE: The lineup listed is subject to change. Call ahead to verify locations.
A Mader's German Restaurant (1037 N. Old World 3rd Street; 414-271-3377)
  The best authentic German food in Milwaukee.
B U.S. Cellular Arena (417 W. Kilbourn Avenue; 414-908-6000)
The Milwaukee Theatre (501 W. Kilbourn Avenue; 414-908-6001)
  The US Cellular Arena is the former home of the Admirals and Bucks; Current home (in 2003-04) of the MISL's Milwaukee Wave; also hosts college basketball (Marquette and UWM).
The Milwaukee Theatre (formerly the Milwaukee Auditorium) is part of the Wisconsin Center (what used to be known as the MECCA. Concerts, plays and other stage events happen here.
C Major Goolsby's (340 W. Kilbourn; 414-271-3414)
  The original sports bar in Milwaukee. Located inside the Southwest Corner of the Journal Sentinel building.
D Water Street South of Juneau:
  • Water Street Brewery (1101 N. Water Street; 414-272-1195)
    A brewery right on the premises. Just down Highland from Rudy's Mexican Restaurant.
  • Rosie's Waterworks (1111 N. Water Street; 414-274-7213)
    Kinda small bar and grill wedged into a white building.
  • BW-3's (aka Buffalo Wild Wings; 1123 N. Water Street; 414-277-0293)
    Wings. Beer. Sports. All the essentials. www.buffalowildwings.com.
  • Fitzgibbons Pub (1127 N. Water Street; 414-278-8847)
    An authentic Irish Pub.
  • McGillycuddy's Bar & Grill (1135 N. Water Street; 414-278-8888)
    Guiness on draft, Irish Stew served daily.
E Water Street North of Juneau:
  • Mel's Corner Tap (158 E. Juneau Avenue; 414-274-7201)
    The Dance Place.
  • The Oak Barrell (1211 N. Water Street; 414-224-0535)
    100 varieties of beer.
  • O'Danny's Pub (1213 N. Water Street; 414-223-3422)
    The third Irish pub on Water, but the only one North of Juneau.
  • 1225 Water (414-223-3210)
    The consolidation of what used to be Luke's Sports Spectacular.
  • London Bridge (1247 N. Water Street; 414-224-8281)
    A British Pub famous for showing soccer matches.
    For more, visit The North Water Street Tavern and Restaurant Association website.
F The Marcus Center for the Performing Arts (929 N. Water Street)
  This is the home for ballet, opera, symphony and other theatrical performances. Also the locale for Rainbow Summer.
G Wyndham Hotel Milwaukee Center (139 E. Kilbourn Avenue; 414-276-8686)
  The Wyndham is right next to the Milwaukee Center (111 E. Kilbourn) and is the second closest hotel to the Bradley Center (The Hyatt Regency is closest).
H Milwaukee City Hall (825 N. Market Street)
  The "WELCOME MILWAUKEE VISITORS" sign no longer exists on its facade, but it still is the locale of Milwaukee's (somewhat topsy-turvy) city government.
I Riverside Theater (116 W. Wisconsin Avenue; 414-224-3000)
  Restored theater located across from the former Gimbels Department Store; concert and musical venue.
? The Safe House (Location Classified)
  I am not at liberty to say where the Safe House is located.
J The Shops At Grand Avenue (fka Grand Avenue Mall; 275 W. Wisconsin Avenue; 414-224-0384)
  A conglomeration of stores in a modernized mall setting; includes the Grand Cafe (formerly the Spiesgarden) off of Old World Third Street. Website: www.grandavenueshops.com
K Courtyard by Marriott (300 W. Michigan Street; 414-291-4122)
  One of many hotels in the downtown area.
L Ramada Inn Downtown (633 W. Michigan Street; 414-272-8410)
  One of three hotels in a three-block area around the Midwest Express Center, along with Holiday Inn and the Hilton Hotel Milwaukee (fka the Marc Plaza Hotel).
M Midwest Airlines Center (400 W. Wisconsin Avenue; 414-908-6001)
  The city's main convention center; was home to the All-Star Fan Fest in 2002.
N MacArthur Square and Milwaukee County Courthouse (901 N. 9th Street)
  There are two entrances to the MacArthur Square parking ramp: one is from the I-43 North exit (the tunnel under the Courthouse); the other is from James Lovell Street, north of Wells Street. This is a good parking lot if you're going to the Milwaukee Public Museum, Discovery World Museum and/or the Humphrey IMAX Theater (see S below).
O Milwaukee Area Technical College (700 W. State Street)
  The buildings right across from the BC parking structure; you might have some problems with parking early in the day at this ramp because it's where staff and students park.
P GameTime Bar and Grill (1118 N. 4th Street; 414-283-5300)
  The closest bar to the BC; it's also a pretty happening nightclub on weekends. Food's pretty good, and it's right in the Highland parking structure.
Q Historic Turner Restaurant (1034 N. 4th Street; 414-276-4844)
  Directly across from the Bradley Center. The building is a former German version of a YMCA-like organization; the restaurant features German and American fare. It's listed here because if you want to experience Milwaukee, you have to try their Famous Fish Fry.
R George Webb's Downtown (812 N Old World 3rd St; 414-278-0225)
  I'm including this for some of our out-of-towners who were wondering about my rantings over the "free George Webb hamburgers" promotion with the Brewers. Good, cheap eats and two clocks on the wall. Try the hamburger with some coffee and the chicken-flavored noodle soup.
S Milwaukee Public Museum (800 West Wells Street; Milwaukee, WI 53233; 414-278-2702)
  The Public Museum includes Discovery World and the Humphrey IMAX Theatre (entrance off of James Lovell Boulevard). The two most popular parts of the museum are the Butterfly Exhibit and the Streets of Old Milwaukee. Exhibits change regularly; call the number for pre-recorded information. Website: http://www.mpm.edu/.
T Hilton Hotel Milwaukee City Center (509 W. Wisconsin Avenue; 414-271-7250)
  Formerly the Marc Plaza Hotel; most notable feature about the hotel is the large Miller sign on top of the building. The Miller Time Pub is on the corner of 5th and Wisconsin, directly across from the Midwest Airlines Center.
U Hyatt Regency Milwaukee (333 W. Kilbourn Avenue; 414-276-1234)
  The biggest of the major hotels in the downtown area, and the frequent hotel of out-of-town teams when they visit Milwaukee. Revolving restaurant on roof (the Polaris) gives the building an ultra-modern look.
v The MSOE Kern Center (1245 N. Broadway; 414-277-2672)
  The new Milwaukee School of Engineering athletic, health and wellness facility is named after Dr. Robert and Patricia Kern. The facility includes an ice rink on the lower level, which the Admirals will be using for their practices during training camp in 2004. The building's grand opening is scheduled for October 29, 2004.


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The lower-deck sections (blue and red) are numbered 200-227, while the upper-deck sections (blue, white and light gray) are 400-443. The numbers shown on the chart are the approximate location of the sections in each deck. The blue line between the upper and lower decks are the first four rows of the uppper deck of the BC. The white boxes on the Fourth Street side are the team benches; the white boxes behind each goal are access areas (the North for the zambonis, the South for the Admirals Victory Blimp). The white box opposite the benches, of course, is the penalty box area.

Ticket prices have changed in the past years; I would suggest going directly to the Admirals website for exact ticket prices for exact sections.

Though I've said in years past that there are no bad seats for hockey in the BC, I was wrong. The upper rows of the BC's upper deck are, because of the new Jumbotron, obstructed view seats. From the seats in sections 409-413 and 431-435, you probably won't be able to see the entire rink. Also, be warned that the last row of sections 409, 413, 431 and 435 are as far away from the action as you can get - period. Also, the stairs going up are extremely steep (my wife hates sitting up in these seats). This isn't the primary reason why the Admirals don't sell tickets for these seats until the entire lower bowl is filled (that's because the Admirals rarely sell out the lower bowl); but it is something to keep in mind.

A warning about section 205, the section to the right of the State Street side goal: Out of town fans would do well to avoid sitting in this general area, as it is the home of many rowdy Admiral hockey season ticket holders ("The Goalie is a GREAT BIG SIEVE!", "NUTS and BOLTS!" "I'm BLIND, I'm DEAF, I wanna be A REF!" are frequently heard from this general locale). The group isn't as fanatical as it was in years past, but they're still vocal enough to be heard throughout the Center.

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