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Milwaukee County Stadium (1953-2000)
(Photo circa 1995, courtesy of Strat-O-Matic)
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Personal Favorite Baseball Sites
The Official Website of Major League Baseball
Other MLB Sites
  • World Series website
  • The National Baseball Hall of Fame
  • MLB Players Association Website

    Other League Sites
  • The Cactus League
  • The Northwoods League
  • Wisconsin Land O'Lakes Baseball
  • The Arizona Fall League
  • Black Baseball's Negro Leagues
  • Japanese Baseball
  • Korean Baseball

    Publications And Websites
  • USA Today Baseball
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Brewers
  • The Sporting News - Baseball
  • Yahoo Baseball News
  • Arizona Republic - Baseball/Diamondbacks

    TV and Radio
  • Fox Sports Baseball
  • ESPN Major League Baseball
  • MLB on TBS
  • NBCsports Baseball
  • Sports Illustrated MLB
  • CBS Sports MLB
  • Sportsline MLB Picks
  • MLB on SiriusXM - Schedule

  • Baseball Research
  • RetroSheet
  • Sean Lahman (The Baseball Archive)
  • The SABR Homepage
  • Baseball HQ Fantasy Baseball
  • The Baseball Guru
  • Baseball Prospectus
  • Umpire Scorecards
  • Bill James Player Evaluation Tools

    More Baseball Info
  • Baseball Almanac
  • Munsey and Suppes' Ballparks
  • Joe Mock's
  • RIOT Baseball Playoff Races
  • Sports Club Stats MLB Playoff Chances
  • No No-Hitters
  • Yes, there is a Trope for that

  • Action! PC Baseball
  • Diamond Mind Software
  • MLB RBI Baseball
  • Strat-O-Matic Games

  • Official Team Websites
    (Teams in the Cactus League noted by a * in the list below)
    National League American League
    Eastern Central Western Eastern Central Western
    Atlanta Braves
    Miami Marlins
    New York Mets
    Philadelphia Phillies
    Washington Nationals
    Milwaukee Brewers *
    Chicago Cubs *
    Cincinnati Reds *
    Pittsburgh Pirates
    St. Louis Cardinals
    Arizona Diamondbacks *
    Colorado Rockies *
    Los Angeles Dodgers *
    San Diego Padres *
    San Francisco Giants *
    Baltimore Orioles
    Boston Red Sox
    New York Yankees
    Tampa Bay Rays
    Toronto Blue Jays
    Chicago White Sox *
    Cleveland Guardians *
    Detroit Tigers
    Kansas City Royals *
    Minnesota Twins
    Houston Astros
    Texas Rangers *
    Los Angeles Angels *
    Oakland Athletics *
    Seattle Mariners *

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